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2 Minute Secure Loan Application to Refinance Your Vehicle

Upon receipt of this completed form, we will review your request and contact you, either for additional information needed to process the request, or to direct you in completing the refinancing transaction.
Note: Copies of last 2 payroll stubs, an income tax return, and other information may be required. If applying with a co-applicant, please call us or use our regular loan application, available online or at any Bayou Federal office.

1. Vehicle to Refinance
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1.7 - Lender who has your vehicle loan now:
3. Applicant
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By clicking the “submit” button, I hereby certify that all statements made are submitted for the purpose of obtaining credit and are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize the Credit Union, who shall incur no liabilities of said investigations, to investigate my credit file and personal background from time to time as it deems necessary to make inquiries pertaining to my employment, credit standing and my financial responsibility. If this loan is approved, the transaction must be completed within 90 days. I authorize the Credit Union to debit the $10 application fee from my Savings or Checking account. You authorize us to accept your facsimile signatures on this application and agree that your facsimile signature will have the same legal force and effect as your original signature. You assume any risk that may be associated with permitting us to accept your facsimile signature. Additional information may be required. You understand that we may require your signature on additional documents prior to disbursing any credit proceeds.
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